2 Channel 4 Way Multicoupler

This variable multicoupler offers three independent channels (two 1X4 and one 1X2) and can either distribute one input signal to eight output channels or two independent input signals to four output channels each. It is extremely wideband and offers lossless signal distribution in the frequency range 20 MHz … 8000 MHz. The device features excellent dynamics.

20 ... 8000 MHz 3.5 dB gain Configurable to 1x8 2 inputs, 4 outputs each


Extremely Wideband Lossless Signal Distribution

WSDU-2X4E+ contains two “one to four” (1X4) distributions and one “one to two” (1X2) distribution. Thus, it is possible to create a high dynamic “one to eight”(1X8) distribution. The module is extremely wideband and covers the frequency range 20 MHz ... 8000 MHz. This frequency range includes for example Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Furthermore, signals of various frequencies can be distributed with a single RF cable which saves costs for RF cabling.

Compact Design

The cost-efficient module design is especially suited for large scaled distribution systems. Up to eleven modules can be placed in the system rack SR6-11C. As the rack offers an internal power supply, there is no need for additional cabling. The modular concept allows quick replacement in case of service. This reduces the time the system operation is interrupted and minimizes MTTR (Meantime to repair).

Device Monitoring

Every WSDU-2X4E+ module is equipped with a status LED on the front panel which indicates the module´s health. The optional controller unit SR6-CU can be added to the system platform SR6-11C in order to enable location-independent service. The SR6-CU remote interfaces USB and LAN can be used to query module temperatures, operating points of the internal amplifiers and identification data of the modules inside the system rack. 


The module design allows arranging the modules of the WSDU series in a variety of ways. WSDU-2X4E+ can be cascaded with other modules and devices of the WSDU series in order to meet up with individual customer requests regarding the number of outputs and output power. 


WSDU-2X4E+ is able to distribute signals from the VHF band and the UHF band as well as signals from the lower SHF band. This frequency range contains for example Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and frequencies used in V2V („Vehicle-to-Vehicle“) applications. For application in research and development (R&D), test signals up to 8 GHz can be distributed. WSDU-2X4E+ is capable of distributing antenna signals and signals from signal generators.


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