Dual Port Adapter for AM/FM and DAB3 Broadcast Signals

FDML is a cost-efficient and very compact dual port adapter for distributing broadcast signals into two outputs.

AM/FM and DAB3 internal DC loads


Phantom Supply Voltage Tests

In order to check the phantom supply voltages of the DUTs (Devices Under Test), FDML provides fixed DC loads for each output. The presence of the DUT´s phantom supply voltage is indicated by LEDs on the front panel.

Top-quality, Compact Design

Its robust case made of aluminum makes FDML ideally suited for use as a tabletop unit. The DUT is connected via Dual-FAKRA connectors at the front panel. For input of the broadcast signals the device features an N female connector at the rear panel.


FDML is used in combination with the signal distribution units of the WSDU series. Fields of use are testing in the range of research and development (R&D) and production for i.e. car infotainment components.

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Latest modification: 11.01.2018