1.2 W Wideband Amplifier, 19" Rack Device

AMP5220031H-R is a high dynamic class A amplifier for the frequency range 5…2200 MHz.

The amplifier is therefore suitable for all common broadcast and navigation standards. It is especially designed for use as a driver amplifier for radiating cables. All models of the AMP series are designed using 50 Ohms technology.

5 … 2200 MHz Driver for Radiating Cable


Designed for Demanding Applications

Due to its bandwidth, AMP5220031H-R can be to amplify all common broadcast and navigation signals. It provides up to 1.2 W output power. The amplifier features a high 3rd order intercept point and a low noise figure at the same time. Thus, AMP5220031H-R is even suited for demanding applications. An internal highpass filter located at the input of the amplifier avoids influences of signals in the low frequency range.

Driver Amplifier for Radiating Cables

AMP5220031H-R is suited for use as a driver amplifier for radiating cables. This way, RF signals can be provided in tunnels or presentation rooms.

Designed for Practical Use

This amplifier is designed as a compact 19” 1 U device. Therefore the device can be operated in a variety of ways, for example in racks.


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Latest modification: 11.01.2018