Programmable 4 Channel Delay Line

QDLL is a programmable delay line with four independent channels. It is designed in 50 ohms technology. The operation frequency range covers 250 MHz up to 4000 MHz. The delay setting range is 0 … 1700 ps in each channel. The delay is adjustable in 5 ps steps. The device can be local controlled or remote controlled via LAN and USB interface. A integrated web interface allows an easy remote control without the effort of programming.

250 ... 4000 MHz Delay range 0 ... 1700 ps step size 5 ps


The RF switches in QDLL are based on wear-free semiconductors. They delay is settable in 5 ps steps independent for each channel.  

Synchronous Operation

Via the TRIGGER IO interface of the device preloaded delay values are taken synchronous with a fed in trigger pulse. The rapid adoption of the delay values takes place via the hardware in the microsecond range.
In master mode the device generates a trigger pulse. This allows the delay settings of other devices to be synchronized in the network. 

Compact Design

QDLL has a 19“ design for the integration into 19“ system racks. As well QDLL is suitable as table top device for laboratory use.


For the test of cellular devices, components for wireless communication as infotainment components, field propagation delay scenarios can be emulated reproducible in laboratories.  
Applications of QDLL are in the range of research, product development, validation, quality assurance and in production. 


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Latest modification: 11.01.2018