Uni- & bi-directional Switch Matrices

100 kHz ... 8500 MHz

Becker Nachrichtentechnik offers a variety of wear-free RF switching matrices, covering:

     - Various topologies: 4X4, 4X8, 8X8, custom (IN-X-OUT)

     - Various switching types: distributing, uni-directional (non-blocking), bi-directional (blocking) matrices

     - Various frequency ranges: shortwave (HF, up to 30 MHz), UHF/VHF (up to 4 GHz / 8 GHz), custom

Applications of these products can be found in 'radio monitoring' and 'instrumentent sharing' All 3 types of 4X4 matrices are available as slot-in modules compatible to our 'Modular RF Systems' construction kit. Thereby the customer is able to combine different products in a space saving and efficient way for any application.

Non-Blocking Switch Matrices up to 8 GHz

Blocking Switching Matrices up to 8 GHz

Switching Matrices for Short Wave Applications

Latest modification: 31.03.2022