32 Channel RF Signal Distribution System

The system WSDU-1X32 distributes RF signals of one source to 32 outputs with high dynamic and without loss in level. The RF operation bandwidth of the distribution extends from 100 kHz up to 4000 MHz.


100 kHz ... 4000 MHz 19" - 6 U



Due to the high bandwidth and the high dynamic properties, the signal distribution is applicable for the duplication of analog and digital modulated broadcast signal even navigation signals (GNSS). With aid of the WSDU-1X32 multimedia components can be supplied with different RF signals. For the test of phantom supplies in multimedia components, the WSDU-1X32 signal distribution can be extended by the 32 channel programmable current sink PT-32CH.

Compact design

All 32 channels are integrated in the SR6-11C platform (6 U) in form of slot-in modules. The supply of the modules occurs by the internal power supply of the SR6-11C. The RF ports are available as SMA connectors at the rear side of the system. By the modular design systems can be easily adapted to special customer demands.


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