Extremely Wideband 4X4 Switch Matrix

Modern radio monitoring systems need an unrestricted access to many antennas from a variety of receivers. By using the non-blocking architecture of RSWM, specialized and general-purpose receivers can be used alongside each other and chose any of the available antennas without interference between the receivers. The high linearity and low noise figure of the device ensure the best signal integrity on the way from antenna to receiver. Low cross-talk allows to list to small signals one one antenna in the presence of strong signals on a different antenna. The very large bandwidth covers all commercial cellular and ISM communication bands up to and including WiFi7.

non-blocking Radio Monitoring 20 ... 8000 MHz 4 inputs, 4 outputs guided webinterface


AC or DC Power Supply Options

The RSWM-4X4ER comes in variants designed for either DC or AC mains power supply, catering to both stationary and mobile applications. Both variants support a broad input voltage range, whether AC or DC.

Wear-free Solid State Switches

The RSWM-4X4ER incorporates modern solid-state switching elements, guaranteeing rapid response to operational inputs and an unlimited number of switching cycles with minimal maintenance requirements.

High Channel Isolation

To prevent unintentional signal coupling between different signal types, the device provides high channel isolation. Strong and weak signals in adjacent radio channels do not affect each other.

Versatile Control

The RSWM-4X4ER is equipped with multiple control options for user convenience. It features a local MMI on the front panel, as well as LAN and USB interfaces. Depending on the customer's needs, the system can be managed using the intuitive web-based graphical user interface or through SCPI-based ASCII commands via its interface ports.

Synchronous Operation

The RSWM-4X4ER offers two switching modes:

  • Direct: every switching operation is executed after reception of the command.
  • Synchronous: all switching commands are stored until a "SYNC" command executes the switching operation synchronously.

External Triggering

Similar to several other products from Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, the RSWM-4X4ER includes a TRIGGER IO port. This physical interface enables the device to execute switching operations synchronously across multiple matrices, triggered by hardware signals.


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