Extremely Wideband 2 Channel 4 Way Multicoupler

The multicoupler WSDU-2X4ER offers the possibility to distribute two independent input signals to four output channels each in a single device. The device offers excellent dynamic characteristics and a lossless signal distribution for the frequency range 20 MHz … 8000 MHz. A variant with external device monitoring is also available. Through its extremely wideband frequency range the device is capable of working with latest standards such as Wi-Fi 6E.

20 ... 8000 MHz Radio Monitoring 2 inputs, 4 outputs each


Lossless Signal Distribution with Extraordinary Bandwidth

The lossless signal distribution is extremely wideband and covers a frequency range 20 MHz … 8000 MHz. This includes for example Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Signals of different frequencies can all be distributed with a single cable. This saves costs for RF cabling in facilities. On top of that the device fulfils high demands concerning its RF characteristics.

Device Monitoring

Every device is equipped with a LED which shows the device health. Additionally, a version with extended device monitoring function is available. Operating points of the amplifiers, the device temperature and identification data of the device can be queried remotely via LAN and USB interface. The remote device monitoring variant of the WSDU-2X4ER is able to identify failures and automatically inform the supervising system.

Compact Design

Designed in a compact way in 19”, 1 U, WSDU-2X4ER can be placed inside standard 19” racks or operated as a tabletop unit. The power is supplied either via the AC voltage network or a DC voltage interface.


Several WSDU-2X4ER devices can be cascaded. Also other modules and devices of the WSDU series can be connected with WSDU-2X4ER in order to create scalable systems tailored to the customer´s needs. Various requirement can be fulfilled considering the RF characteristics of devices and modules of the WSDU series.


WSDU-2X4ER is able to distribute signals from the VHF band and the UHF band as well as signals from the lower SHF band. This frequency range includes for example Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and frequencies used in V2V („Vehicle-to-Vehicle“) applications. For applications in research and development (R&D), test signals up to 8 GHz can be distributed. Various signal sources like generators or antennas can be used together with WSDU-2X4ER.


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