8 Way Shortwave Signal Distribution

The multicoupler WSDU-1X8SR distributes signals from a common input to 8 outputs in the frequency range 200 kHz ... 32 MHz. The device is specially designed for the use in short wave application and offers excellent dynamic properties for difficult receiving situations. The device is available in with AC and DC power supply and also with device monitoring functionality. For the suppression of unwanted signal e.g. local radio stations three different high pass filters are available. The high pass filters can be mounted at the RF input connector of the multicoupler. The high pass filters have additional surge arrestors. Via the bi-directional monitoring port with 30 dB coupling loss measurements can be carry out without interruption of operation or test signals can be fed in the signal path.

200 kHz ... 32 MHz AC/DC Supply SNMP Function 1 Input, 8 Outputs



WSDU-1X8SR is available in variants with AC mains supply and alternatively for the use in e.g. vehicles with DC supply. Both variants offer wide voltage ranges.
As standard each device is equipped with a status-LED for an optical control of the state of the device. For remote monitoring which is regardless of location further variants are available. The devices with monitoring function offers additional LAN- and USB interfaces. Via this remote interfaces device temperature, operating point of amplifiers and device identification can be queried. The remote monitoring offers SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) function.

Device Monitoring

The standard version of the device is equipped with a status LED which indicates the device health. Additionally, versions with extended device monitoring function are available. The operating points of the amplifiers, thedevice´s temperature and the identification data of the device can be checked remotely via LAN interface. For local check, the device is equipped with an USB interface. WSDU-1X8SR is able to identify failures and automatically inform the supervising system.
In addition, WSDU-1X8SR provides a bidirectional monitoring interface with 30 dB decoupling. Thus, the distributed signal can be monitored without interrupting the system´s operation. Also feeding of test signals is possible using the monitoring input.

Compact Design

WSDU-1X8SR has compact and rugged 19“ 1 U design for the operation in 19“ system racks or a table top unit.


Higher number of distributed channels can be realized by cascading more WSDU-1X8SR devices. For large scale distribution systems the 6 U slot-in module WSDU-1X8S for the SR6-11C system platform is available. ith the help of these components, e.g. an active 1X64 signal distribution in a space-saving and cost-efficient manner in just 6 U can be realized.


The multicoupler WSDU-1X8SR is used in radio monitoring and direction finding applications.


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