Short Wave 4X8 Switch Matrix

RSWM-4X8SR is a non-blocking switching matrix especially designed for the short wave range 1.7 MHz … 30 MHz. This device features four inputs which can be connected arbitrarily to eight outputs. RSWM-4X8SR can be controlled remotely via USB and LAN interface. An Product variant with touchscreen based MMI on the front panel is also available. Other configurations on request. A typical application of the matrix switches is signal routing between antennas and receivers.

non-blocking high dynamic 1.7 ... 30 MHz 4 inputs, 8 outputs guided webinterface


Especially Designed for Short Wave Range Applications

RSWM-4X8SR is especially designed for use in the shortwave range from 1.7 to 30 MHz. Therefore, the switching matrix features an input filter for suppression of VLF and VHF signals. According to the application, the frequency range can be adapted to the customer´s needs by changing the filter´s parameters. The device is equipped with a lightning protection for use at directly attached antennas.

Arbitrary Access to Signals

Using RSWM-4X8SR, four signal inputs can be connected arbitrarily to eight signal outputs without any restriction. For this purpose, all the inputs and outputs are non-blocking. This way, various antenna signals can be switched to different receivers or multiple receivers can be switched to the same antenna.

Excellent RF Characteristics

The state-of-the-art circuit design of RSWM-4X8SR offers excellent properties in terms of dynamics and isolation. This makes RSWM-4X8SR suited for demanding applications like in shortwave receiving stations.

Remote Controllable

RSWM-4X8SR is controllable with SCPI-oriented ASCII commands via USB and LAN interface. The clearly arranged user interfaces enable location-independent operation and feature comfortable and quick handling.

Synchronous Operation

Like many other products of Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, this device offers a TRIGGER IO port. This interface provides a precise trigger pulse which complies with the physical execution of the applied switching command. On the other hand, external pulses can be applied to this port in order to trigger the execution of queued switching commands. Therefore it is possible to link multiple devices to a synchronous switching compound.

Compact Design

With RSWM-4X8SR, the customer gets a valuable and universally usable device. Designed in a compact way in 3 U, RSWM-4X8SR can be placed in 19” racks or operated as a tabletop unit. The device is supplied by mains voltage.


In applications where multiple signal sources have to be switched to different signal paths, switching matrices are required. The excellent RF characteristics of RSWM-4X8SR make the device suitable for demanding applications in shortwave receiving stations. RSWM-4X8SR is also used in research and development (R&D) or in systems for signal distribution.


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