32 Channel Infotainment Test System with FM/DAB Handover Emulator

TSI-6X32H is a broadcast distribution infrastructure for large infotainment integration and verification laboratories. Connected to a set of up to 6 FM/DAB generators, every of up to 32 laboratory seats can be supplied with a composite RF signal that is individually composed of a programmable mix of the generator signals.

350 ... 6000 MHz 19", 38 U Broadcast / Cellular FM / DAB Handover



     - car infotainment qualification

     - product integration & verification

     - AM, FM, DAB3, GNSS, Cellular signal distribution

High level dynamic 

The system’s overall insertion loss is small. A set of 6 x 32 variable attenuators with an attenuation range of 80 dB are provided. The attenuators can be configured hundreds of times per second, so that real-time channel transition scenarios can be produced.

Versatile control 

The TSI-6X32H can be controlled via LAN remote interface. Simple SCPI-inspired ASCII commands can be used by existing SW environments to control the system. 
Optional the system offers a graphical user interface (GUI). All attenuator parameters and even transition scenarios can be set via the GUI quasi-simultaneously by all laboratory workers individually for their respective seats.


Latest modification: 01.02.2021