9 Channel 1X8 HF-Multicoupler with DC Bypass Function

The modular 9 Channel Multicoupler System WSDU-9C1X8S is build up with nine 1X8 Multicoupler slot-in modules. It is foreseen for the use in professional short wave receiving systems. The power supply of the modules occurs via the internal backplane in the system rack. The RF connectors are located on the rear side of the rack. They are SMA female type. The system rack is supplied with mains voltage.

300 kHz ... 30 MHz 19" - 6 U DC-Bypass Function


High Dynamic

The 1X8 multicoupler slot-in modules have low distortion properties in signal transmission. Strong signal levels from local transmitters have no or only a neglatible impact to weak signals. Out-of-band signals are effectively suppressed by an internal band pass filter. A surge arrestor and an over level protection allows the operation direct at antennas.

Built-In Test Function 

The multicoupler modules have an internal self test function. The total current consumption of the module is monitored. The result is indicated by a LED on the front panel. Optional the 9 Channel HF-Multicoupler System WSDU-9C1X8S can be equipped with a controller with LAN and USB remote interfaces. With help of the controller, operating points of the amplifier stages, module temperatures, current consumptions and the identification of the modules can be monitored per remote.

System Extensions 

For customized solutions further modules like RF-switches, switch matrices, multicouplers, variable attenuators, wideband BIAS-Ts, level detectors, bidirectional splitters and combiners are available.


Latest modification: 01.02.2021