4 W Wideband Amplifier

The wideband amplifier module AMP3060036L is designed for low distortion amplification of analog- and digital modulated signals.
Due to the high bandwidth, the amplifier modules are suitable for the transmission of FM, DAB3, DVB-T as well as BOS and TETRA signals.

All amplifiers of the AMP series are designed in 50 Ohms technology.

30 MHz … 600 MHz like AMP3060036 without cooler


Passive Cooling

The AMP3060036L is suitable for mounting on a heat sink for passive cooling. The module is also available as AMP3060036 with fixed heat sink and temperature controlled fans.

Excellent Dynamic Properties

The AMP3060036L offers an excellent linearity (OPIP3 + 55 dBm typ) additional to a low noise figure of 3 dB type. These transmission properties ensure low distortion amplification - even of complex input signals.

High Safety in Operation

The AMP3060036L have dual coupled amplifier stages. Both stages have separate power supplies. A failure of one amplifier- or power supply stage does not cause a total drop out of the amplifier.
In addition, the current consumption and the module temperature is monitored. In the case of undershooting or exceeding the current limits or exceeding the allowed operating temperature, a floating signaling contact and an optical signalization occurs.


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