8 Way Shortwave Signal Distribution

The short wave distribution unit WSDU-1X8S is a cost-effective module designed for signal distribution in the frequency range 1.7 MHz ... 30 MHz. It distributes an input signal to eight output channels without any loss in level. WSDU-1X8S offers an ultra-high dynamic range and can be equipped with an input filter for suppression of VLF and VHF signals. Therefore, it is particularly useful in application in the short wave range.

1 Input, 8 Outputs


Active, Lossless Signal Distribution for the Short Wave Range

WSDU-1X8S distributes signals in the frequency range 1.7 MHz … 30 MHz without loss in level. VLF and VHF signals are suppressed by an input filter. Depending on the application, the frequency range can be adapted to the customer´s needs by changing the filter parameters. Featuring a very wide dynamic range, WSDU-1X8S can be used even in applications with a difficult receiving situation.

Device Monitoring

Every module WSDU-1X8S is equipped with a status LED on the front panel which indicates the module health. The optional controller unit SR6-CU can be added to the system platform SR6-11C in order to enable location-independent service. The controller features the interfaces LAN and USB for monitoring and for evaluation of the module temperature, operating points of the internal amplifiers and for querying identification data of the modules.
In addition, every module provides a bidirectional monitoring interface with 30 dB decoupling. This means the distributed signal can be monitored without interrupting the system operation. Also the injection of test signals is possible using the monitoring input.

Compact Design

The cost-effective module design is especially suited for distribution systems of larger scale. Up to eleven modules can be placed in the system rack SR6-11C. The rack features an internal power supply, so there is no need for additional cabling. The modular concept allows quick repairs in case of service. This reduces the time the system operation is interrupted and minimizes the MTTR (Meantime to repair).


All components of the WSDU series are cascadable. This way, large-scale distribution systems with many outputs can be realized in an easy and flexible way. As WSDU-1X8S and the equivalent device WSDU-1X8SR feature equal RF characteristics, module and device can be combined without restriction. This ensures highest flexibility when realizing applications for individual customer needs.


For operation directly attached to antennas, WSDU-1X8S is equipped with internal lightning protection. All kinds of signals like signals from antennas and signal generators can be distributed with this device. Large-scale distributions of antenna signals in short wave receiving stations can be realized with WSDU-1X8S. Typical fields of application are direction finding and radio monitoring.


Latest modification: 11.01.2018