Fully Automatic 16 Channel HTOL RF Test System

ATE for automatic testing of up to 16 DUTs (devices under test) with up to 2.5W at the input of the DUT. Bandwidth 20 MHz to 3000 MHz. Integrated RF signal generator with configurable test frequencies. Closed-loop power level control. Continuously updated operator display of test progress and DUT status.

up to 2.5 W RF power 19", 15 U 20 ... 3000 MHz


TSQA-1X16PM is a turnkey system for automatic HTOL testing of insertion loss of up to 16 devices and delivers up to 2.5W at the input of each device. The system supports a large bandwidth from 20 MHz to 3000 MHz covering all mobile communication standards and most modern wireless technologies.

Precise Measurements

Using closed loop amplifier output control, the TSQA-1X16PM delivers a precise input power to the devices under test over long test periods. The input power is controlled individually for each DUT. The output power of the devices is measured to calculate the insertion loss.

Automatic Failure Detection

The insertion loss of each DUT is compared to a pre-defined tolerance scheme and any violation of the specification is time-stamped and logged. The tolerance scheme can be configured and measured for up to 5 different frequencies. The system also contains built-in self-test functionality, so that the operator has full transparency of the system’s operation and the testing progress.

Simple Usage

TSQA-1X16PM offers an integrated webserver that allows to operate the system from a standard PC without custom SW development and integration. A graphical user interface allows easy and comfortable configuration and control of the test system without significant training of laboratory operators.


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Latest modification: 31.03.2022