2 W Wideband Amplifier

AMP5170033 is a wideband amplifier with an output power of up to 2 W suitable for the frequency range 5 MHz … 1700 MHz.

It stands out due to its excellent linearity and high bandwidth. AMP5170033 is suitable for amplifying radio, mobile radio and private mobile radio signals (TETRA/BOS). All amplifiers of the AMP series are designed in 50 Ohms technology.

5 … 1700 MHz


Suitable for Demanding Applications

AMP5170033 amplifies signals in the frequency range 5 MHz … 1700 MHz. Excellent linearity combined with a low noise figure enable very good signal dynamic. This amplifier features an input filter for suppression of undesired signals in the VLF range.

Internal Function Check

AMP5170033 features an internal monitoring function. Module temperature and operating points of the amplifier stages are supervised. The module is equipped with a LED which indicates the module´s status. For remote monitoring, the device offers a floating switching contact.

Designed for Practical Use

As the AMP5170033 is designed as a module, it can be operated in multiple ways, for example as laboratory equipment or in devices. Its case is made of aluminium and offers passive cooling. For operation at room temperature, the amplifier does not require any active cooling. As a result, AMP5170033 is a compact amplifier for versatile use making additional effort of cooling unnecessary. It also offers a wide DC supply range from +12 V to +28 V.
This amplifier module is equipped with a straight power connector. For use in flat devices (1 U), AMP5170033 is also available with an angled power connector.

Robust at all Points

This amplifier module offers excellent RF characteristics covered in compact and robust module design. Additionally, AMP5170033 features reverse polarity protection.


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Latest modification: 30.03.2023