2 Channel 50 W Power Amplifier with CW and Pulse Generator

With the iAMP1600047-R, Becker Nachrichtentechnik offers an all-in-one semiconductor-based power amplifier. The device delivers up to 50 W output power in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 6000 MHz.

The amplifier has two separate outputs, one for the HF range (1 MHz to 30 MHz) and one for the V/UHF range (30 MHz ... 6000 MHz), whose assignment to the frequency ranges can be freely selected by the user via the device software . The output power can be set independently for both channels in the range from 1 W (+30 dBm) to 50 W (+47 dBm) in fine increments.

Internal level controls, so-called ALCs (Automatic Level Controls), ensure precise and long-term stable output power and eliminate temperature influences, fluctuating input levels and VSWR influences. The iAMP1600047-R also has an internal generator for CW and pulse signals. The software functions of the can be conveniently controlled via the web interface or via ASCII commands. The amplifier is equipped with a robust stainless steel housing. All amplifier models of the AMP series are designed in 50 Ohm technology.

1 ... 6000 MHz CW and Pulse Generator Guided Webinterface


Internal CW and Pulse Signal Sources

The iAMP1600047-R features frequency-stable, internal sine and pulse signal sources that can be switched to the HF and V/UHF amplifier path. Optionally, the amplifier sections can also be fed via external signal sources. The device has an input for connecting an external signal generator.

Remote Control Interfaces

The 2-channel power amplifier iAMP1600047-R has the remote control interfaces LAN and USB and can be remotely controlled with ASCII character strings. Measured values ​​such as device temperature, VSWR and HF output power can be read out from both outputs via the remote control interface.

Graphic User Interface

All relevant settings of the iAMP1600047-R can be made intuitively via a clear graphic user interface of the device.

VSWR Monitoring

The output power and the standing wave ratios at both outputs are permanently monitored. If an impermissible standing wave ratio is exceeded, the amplifier section is automatically deactivated.

Self-test Functions

The function of important circuit parts in the iAMP1600047-R is permanently monitored during operation. If set values, such as the maximum operating temperature, are exceeded, the device triggers an error message.

Robust Design

The amplifier is housed in a high-quality stainless steel housing with an attractive appearance and is intended for installation in industrial 19" cabinet systems.

Latest modification: 30.03.2023