1 W Ultra-Wideband Amplifier, Tabletop Device

AMP101800030-T is an extremely wideband RF amplifier with up to 1 W output power for the frequency range from 10 MHz to 18000 MHz.

With its extremely large bandwidth, the device offers very good linearity properties as well as high dynamics. The AMP101800030-T is used, for example, in measurement environments in research and development (R&D), broadband communication, as well as radio reconnaissance and radio monitoring. All amplifier devices of the AMP series are designed in 50 Ohm technology.

high dynamic 10 ... 18000 MHz +40 dBm OIP3


Special Features

Using modern semiconductor technologies give the amplifier module high dynamic properties over a wide operating bandwidth.
Due the ultra-wide operation bandwidth the amplifier is suitable in military and aerospace software radio applications. An internal self-test function monitors current consumption and module temperature. In the case of exceeding the limits, the status is signalled by the LED on the devices front panel.

Robust Design

The amplifier is housed in a aluminium table top case, which is suitable for individual laboratory environments. This protects the mudules against mechanical damage and gives best shielding for avoiding EMI influences caused by radio signals coming from the environment.

Latest modification: 30.03.2023