6 W Power Amplifier

The amplifier module AMP17001300038L is designed for the use in professional applications. Using modern semiconductor technologies give the amplifier module high dynamic properties over a wide operating frequency range. Due to the ultra-wide operating frequency range the amplifier is suitable in many cellular, Wi-Fi, in research and development and in military applications. For minimizing dissipation power and heat generation of the module, the supply voltage can be adapted in a wide range to the desired RF output power.

1700 ... 13000 MHz Cellular, Wi-Fi, Military, R&D


Self-Test Function

The module has an internal self-test function. The status of the self-test (module temperature, current consumption) is indicated by a LED at the module and with floating relay contacts.

Robust Design 

The amplifier module AMP17001300038L has a milled aluminum housing. In addition to protection against mechanical damage, the housing gives best shielding properties to suppress EMC influences of RF signals from the environment.


Latest modification: 01.12.2021