4 W Wideband Amplifier, 19" Rack Device

AMP40100034-R is a wideband amplifier in 19“, 1 U design with an output power capability of up to 4 watts in 50 Ohm technology.

It is suitable for the frequency range 40 MHz…1000 MHz. An internal high pass filter suppresses signals in the VLF frequency range. Via the internal directional coupler the forward and reflected power and frequency spectrum can be monitored during operation.   

Broadcast, R&D, ISM 40 ... 1000 MHz FWD, REV Ports


High Efficiency

The output stage in the AMP40100034-R is a class A-B amplifier. Thereby the device combines high efficiency with good linearity. Applications are research and development (R&D), ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical Bands) and applications where broadcast signals are amplified to medium power level.


Latest modification: 30.03.2023