4 W High Linearity Wideband Amplifier

The compact ultra-high dynamic wideband amplifier module AMP50130036L is designed for multi signal applications where high adjacent channel suppressions are required. The excellent dynamic of the AMP50130036L offers low noise figure in combination with a large signal operation capability with peak power levels of up to 4 watts.

50 … 1300 MHz +50 dBm OIP3 wireless studio equipment


Highest Reliability

Power supply and amplifiers stages of the AMP50130036L are duplicated; therefore it has an excellent reliability. A possible defect does not lead to total loss of function.

Robust Design

AMP50130036L features a rugged aluminum milling housing. The characteristics of the amplifier allow the use in demanding areas of application. The housing includes holes for mounting on a heat sink.

Built-in Test

For monitoring purposes, module temperature and operating currents of the power amplifier stages are monitored. If the module temperature or the supply current is not within the specified range, the error will be indicated by a LED “FAIL”. For remote monitoring purposes of the amplifier status, the module offers floating switching contacts.


Latest modification: 30.03.2023