• RF Infotainment/Telematic Test

    RF Infotainment/Telematic Test

    Product Development
    Quality Assurance

  • HTOL Test Systems<br /><br />New Generation 5G

    HTOL Test Systems

    New Generation 5G

    RF Test and Qualification Systems
    for active and passive components

Semiconductors and Electronics

RF Test and Qualification Systems for Active and Passive Components




RF Test of Infotainment and Telematic Components

Car Hifi


Aerospace and Defence

Solutions for Radio Monitoring and Directional Finding




Solutions for Increasing Radio Coverage in Tunnels.



Becker Nachrichtentechnik

We offer off-the-shelf products and custom development expertise in radio frequency technology from short wave to 10 GHz. We are passionate to help our industrial and professional customers to deploy the latest RF technology based on our simple, fast and efficient way of working.

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