10 W Wideband Amplifier

AMP300600040L is a compact and high dynamic amplifier module. It is suitable for frequencies from 300 MHz to 6000 MHz and is realized in 50 Ohm technology. The high output power and an good 3rd order intercept point in combination with a low noise figure make this amplifier suitable for very demanding applications. 

300 ... 6000 MHz 5G, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, GSM


Special Features

Due to the high output power in combination with excellent linearity characteristics, the amplifier is suitable for professional applications in which digitally modulated signals have to be amplified to higher powers.
The AMP300600040L has an internal self-monitoring function for current consumption and module temperature. The status of the self-test can be queried via floating signal contacts.
The amplifier has an internal reverse polarity protection for the operating voltage.

Robust Design

The amplifier module AMP300600040L is mounted in an aluminium housing. In addition to protection against mechanical damage, this offers the best shielding to suppress EMC influences from RF signals from the environment.

Latest modification: 01.12.2021