Bi-Directional 4X8 Switch Matrix

Modern communication standards like cellular, WiFi, ISM and Bluetooth need bidirectional signal transmissions, independent of the multiplex method: TDD (Time Domain Division) or FDD (Frequency Domain Division). BSWM-4X8ER is the right solution to route communication testers to DUTs (Devices under Test) or transceivers to antennas. It offers 4 full parallel bidirectional signal paths. Each of the 8 output ports can be connected quickly to one input path. Through its extremely wideband frequency range the device is capable of working with latest standards such as Wi-Fi 6E.

100 kHz ... 8500 MHz blocking (bi-directional) 4 Inputs, 8 Outputs Guided Webinterface


Wear-free Solid State Switches

The switching elements in the BSWM-4X8ER are solid state types. This ensures the short switching time, a huge number of switching cycles with a minimum in maintenance. The RF ports are non-reflective. Also in the case of an open switch the RF port of the matrix is terminated with 50 ohms.

High Channel Isolation

To avoid unwanted signal couplings between the channels BSWM-4X8ER has high channel isolation. Adjacent channels with strong and weak signals have no influence to each other.

Versatile Control

The device can be controlled either via the remote interfaces LAN and USB (SCPI-based ASCII-commands) or local via a MMI (Man Machine Interface) on the front panel. Additional BSWM-4X8ER offers a web based, user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface).


Latest modification: 11.01.2018