Customised Development

Product developments

Put your confidence in a company with many years of experience in the field of product development. Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH has developed many customertailored products. Our experts for hardware and software design and our mechanical design department will transfer your idea to a real product ready for series production. Our motto: "From the idea to the finished product - everything from one source". We offer the complete spectrum of expertise for a successful and effective product development. The individual departments are working in close collaboration during the development phase. This ensures an effective, time-saving product development. If desired, we can also undertake the complete production process for you in our in-house manufacturing department.

Your benefits

- all services for product development and manufacturing from a single source
- many years of experience in the field of radio frequency engineering
- in-house software development for embedded systems
- short-term manufacturing of prototypes and small-scale series
- precise product inspection
- detailed technical documentation

The concept comes first

You face a problem in communications engineering particularly in radio frequency technology?

You are looking for qualified and practicable ideas and solutions for implementation?

Our many years of experience are your guarantee for successful solutions.

From simulation to practical circuit design.

Proven and innovative circuit designs are verified and optimized in simulations and samples. Our modern laboratory equipment is the basis for effective development. Our special tools are spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and vector signal generators in the frequency range up to 20 GHz.

The extra of function and comfort

An intelligent interaction between hardware and software is necessary to manage complex technical challenges in a flexible way. We ensure this through close cooperation between our experts from both disciplines.

Our range of services provides everything that is required for the implementation of modern systems.

  • microcontroller firmware (ATMEL)
  • digital signal processing (ADI Blackfin, SHARC)
  • FPGA circuit synthesis (XILINX)
  • development of operating and control software (Windows, Linux)


Using the right crease

Whether a circuit design for high frequency signals later has the desired requirements, depends significantly on the circuit layout. Knowledge and experience of our designers are the base of succesfully created circuit layouts. Our PCB layout we create with the Eagle CAD program.

To meet current EMC requirements for the serial product almost any electronic component needs the corresponding mechanics. Our directly linked departments of electrical and mechanical design enable an optimal and costefficient design of product properties.

Reproduction welcome

The importance of the “Time to market” is growing ever more.

Our in-house manufacturing department guarantees a rapid and efficient production of prototypes, functional samples and small quantity series by a direct coordination and optimization of processes.

Of course, we process only RoHS compliant materials.

The base for quality

The associated technical documentation is of central importance in our company.

It includes clearly defined product characteristics, test procedures and limits are set.
The technical documentation is therefore your quarantee for highest product quality.

Proofs Required

The check of high frequency components requires special instruments and experience in performing these tests.

Our company is well equipped with all necessary instruments to perform time- and cost-efficient testings. These clearly defined test procedures are then performed manually or automatically.

Of course we provide this service also for products that are manufactured by our customers.

Latest modification: 19.04.2021