8 Way Signal Conditioning Multicoupler

WSDU-1X8AR is a wideband, active multicoupler with adjustable output levels. The gain is settable in the range +9 dB down to -86 dB for each output.
The frequency range 100 kHz … 4000 MHz enables the distribution of broadcast signals and GNSS signals in frequency division multiplex. With help of the WSDU-1X8AR device signals can be distribute to several seats. An individual signal level or a level scenario for RF tests is available at each seat. The transmission of signals in frequency division multiplex saves costs for RF cables and their installation. The splitting into different broadcast ranges for the connection to devices under test (DUTs) can be done with the frequency de-multiplexer FDMX and FDMX-PT from Becker Nachrichtentechnik.

Gain Range -86 ... +9 dB 1 input, 8 outputs


Compact Design

The devices of the WSDU-Series have compact and rugged 19“, 1 U design and therefore suitable for the integration into 19“ system racks.


Cascading WSDU-1X8R devices with constant gain in combination with WSDU-1X8AR devices, signal distributions with larger number of outputs can be realized.         
For large scale distributions the slot-in modules WSDU-1X8 with constant gain and WSDU-1X8A with variable gain for the SR6-11C platform are available. The remote control is done with the slot-in controller SR6-CU via LAN and USB interface with ASCII strings.
With the help of these components, e.g. an active 1X64 signal distribution with adjustable levels for each output can be realized in a space-saving and cost-efficient manner in just 6 U height.


The multicoupler WSDU-1X8AR is used for tests and validation of infotainment components in product development, production and quality assurance.


Latest modification: 30.10.2023