Non-Blocking 4X8 Switch Matrix

RSWM-4X8R is a non-blocking matrix with high bandwidth offering 4 inputs and 8 outputs in 50 ohms technology. The design of RSWM-4X8R is based on modern semiconductors. The RF switches are solid state and work wear-free. RSWM-4X8R has an energy save mode. Unused amplifier stages are powered down when not used. The control occurs via MMI on front panel or via Ethernet Control (LAN) or USB remote interfaces with SCPI based commands. Additional a graphic user interface (GUI) offers an intuitive handling. 

4 Inputs, 8 Outputs Guided Webinterface


Excellent RF Performance

The low noise in combination with the high linearity properties of the device enables the use in professional applications. The matrix offers best channel decoupling.

Synchronous Switching

RSWM-4X8R offers two switching modes:

•    Direct execution of switch commands.
•    Time synchronous switching with help of SYNC commands or a an external trigger signal.

Time synchronous switching can be done either per software with a SYNC command or alternative with an external trigger pulse. 

External Triggering

Like many other products of Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, the devices of the RSWM series offer a TRIGGER IO port. This interface provides a precise trigger pulse which complies with the physical execution of the applied switching command. On the other hand, external pulses can be applied to this port in order to trigger the execution of queued switching commands. Using this port, it is possible to link multiple devices to a synchronous switching compound. 


The RSWM-4X8R is available in two variants:

  • 20 MHz…4000 MHz for VHF and UHF applications

For applications in the VHF and UHF frequency range the matrix is available in a frequency variant 20 MHz … 4 GHz. This variant have high pass filters in each input to suppress unwanted signals coming from e.g. local radio stations in the LW, MW and short wave range.

  • 100 kHz…4000 MHz for broadcast applications

In applications like testing of infotainment components the variant 100 kHz...4 GHz offers the full transmission of signals from the VLF range up to the UHF frequency range. All typical broadcast signals like (AM, FM, DAB3, DVB-T, SDARS und GNSS) can be transmitted by the matrix.


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