TDD RF Frontend for C2X Applications

The module TDD-5G88 is a compact TX (transmit) and RX (receive) frontend for the extension of software defined radios (SDRs). It delivers up to 2 watt RF power PEP (Peak Envelope Power) at the antenna port. The receiving chain has filters for the suppression of out-of-band signals and a low noise amplifier. A low pass at the antenna output suppresses harmonics in transmit direction. The module offers a monitoring port in transmit direction. Via this output an external pre-distortion in the SDR is possible. TDD operation needs an RX/TX switch. It is controllable with 3.3 V LVCMOS level via a SMA connector. The power supply occurs with a single 12 DC voltage.


'Software-Defined Radio' (SDR) is an attractive approach for mobile communication architectures in the development and evaluation phase for a rapid prototyping on a flexible platform. SDRs support a wide frequency range. However, for practical use in the field the HF properties are insufficient. The transmit power is limited to a 2-digit mW value. Dedicated filters are required for an effective suppression of out-of-band signals and to improve the noise figure of the receiver chain. Extending SDRs with application-specific RF-frontends achieves optimal RF performance in the field.


letzte Änderung: 01.12.2021