FM / GNSS Cable Equalizer

C-EQU1500HP15 compensates attenuations of coaxial cable stretches with larger lengths in buildings. In wideband distributions frequency dependent losses in coaxial cables leads to different attenuations in the different broadcast bands. With help of the cable equalizer C-EQU1500HP15 the attenuations of the RF cables are compensated so that the cable head has the same relative signal level like the feeding point. The cable equalizer C-EQU1500HP15 is easily mountable at the RF connectors of the WSDU multicoupler slot-in modules.


Accessory to the WSDU Series

Large-scale distribution systems require long RF cables. C-EQU compensates for frequency-dependent cable attenuation of long RF cables. Due to its low weight and compact design, C-EQU can be mounted directly to the SMA connectors of the WSDU modules. A SMA female to SMA male adapter is already included. 

Suitable for all Broadcast Standards

The wide frequency range of C-EQU covers AM/FM, DAB, DVB-T and all GNSS navigation signals such as GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO.


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