Short Wave 16X32 Switch Matrix

The RSWM-16X32SR is a non-blocking antenna switch matrix as a key component in professional short wave receiving systems from 1.5 MHz up to 30 MHz. It contains solid state switches that represent an optimum solution with respect to switching speed, switching cycles and maintenance. The internal non-blocking structure allows the switching of an antenna to any number of receivers without loss in dynamic range. The short switching times allows the fast access to the different antenna inputs. The matrix is DC supplied via an external power supply unit.

16 Inputs, 32 Outputs Guided Webinterface


Modular, Scalable Matrix Concept

For the use in smaller distribution systems the modular structure makes the RSWM-16X32SR scalable to lower number of inputs. A later expanding of the matrix requires only is retrofitting of additional switch modules.

For receiving system with more than 32 outputs for receivers matrices can be linked with multicouplers. The multicoupler WSDU-1X8S is a preamplifier/splitter providing the same antenna signal at 8 outputs. Hence extensive matrix system solutions with up to 256 outputs for receivers are realizable.

Extensive Self-Test Functions

The RSWM-16X32SR has self-test functions on module level. This allows a fast and extensive report of the healthy state of the matrix during operation.


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