Programmable 4 Channel Delay Line

The DLL-4 is a four channel programmable delay line in 50 ohms technology. The frequency range covers 250 MHz to more than 4000 MHz. The delay in each channel is adjustable in the large range 0 … 1700 ps in 5 ps steps. The DLL-4 is designed as a slide-in module for the integration into the SR6-11C system platform. In combination with the SR6-CU controller module it can be easy controlled with ASCII strings.


  • high bandwidth 
  • 0.5 ps step size 
  • cascadable 
  • compact size 
  • wear-free 


  •  signal conditioning 
  •  ATE automatic test equipment 
  •  automatic test sequences 
  •  research and development (R&D) 
  •  production 


letzte Änderung: 11.01.2018