Simulation of active antennas

The system PT-32CH/SP8T contains 32 programmable current sinks for the simulation of DC loads of active antennas in the production of infotainment components.


100 kHz ... 8500 MHz tests of modern multimedia components product validation


Versatile Applications

The RF operation bandwidth extends from 100 kHz up to 8500 MHz. The current sink of each channel is adjustable in the range 0…400 mA in 0.5 mA steps. The phantom supply voltage may vary in the range 1.5 V up to 15 V. Integrated voltmeters enable the
measurement of the phantom voltages of each channel under load conditions.
Based to the high bandwidth, the high current and voltage range, the system is suitable in routine tests of infotainment components for all common broadcast, cellular radio and wireless standards.

Compact design

All 32 channels are integrated in the SR6-11C platform in form of slot-in modules. The supply of the modules occurs by the internal power supply of the SR6-11C.
The RF ports are available as SMA connectors at the rear side of the system. By the modular design systems can be easily adapted to special customer demands.


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Latest modification: 15.12.2017