High-Dynamic 8-Way Multicoupler for Broadcast Signals

The WSDU-1X8LR device is a broadband multicoupler that distributes signals from an input to eight channels without loss of level. The compact device is characterized by its high dynamics and the large frequency range of 100 kHz ... 4000 MHz. The WSDU-1X8LR is therefore particularly suitable for the distribution of radio signals from the long wave range to the UHF band. An integrated monitoring port enables uninterrupted checking and maintenance of the multicoupler in complex systems.

Broadcast 100 kHz ... 4000 MHz 1 Input, 8 Outputs


Active, Lossless Signal Distribution

The input signals are amplified with broadband, low-noise amplifiers and distributed lossless in level to eight outputs in the range 100 kHz to 4000 MHz. Due to the high bandwidth, the multicoupler is suitable for the distribution of all common broadcasting standards and their transmission in the frequency division multiplex. In this way costs for RF cables and their installation in buildings can be saved. 

Compact Design

The devices of the WSDU-Series have compact and rugged 19“, 1 U design and therefore suitable for the integration into 19“ system racks.


The devices of the WSDU series are cascadeable. This way, the number of outputs of a system can easily be adapted to the customer´s needs. For large scale distributions the 6 U slot-in module WSDU-1X8L for the SR6-11C platform is available.
With the help of these components, e.g. an active 1X64 signal distribution in a space-saving and cost-efficient manner in just 6 HE can be realized.


The multicoupler WSDU-1X8LR is used in test and validation of infotainment components in product development, production and quality assurance.

Latest modification: 13.05.2022