8 Channel Signal Combiner

WSCU-8X1R combines up to 8 signals in the frequency range 100 kHz…4000 MHz. With help of the device up to 8 different signal sources like signal generators even live antenna signals coming from antennas can be combined.

AM, FM, DAB, DVB-T, GNSS, SDARS 8 inputs Without Loss In Level


Combining of Signals without Loss in Level

The signals of the 8 RF inputs are amplified by low noise wideband amplifiers with high dynamic. The amplified signals are combined internally with an coupling network to a common output.

Monitoring Port

WSCU-8X1R offers a monitoring port at the common output for maintenance purposes. In case of service the monitoring port can be used for measurements without interruption in operation. Alternatively the monitoring port can be used for inserting test signals. 

Scalable Distribution Systems

In combination with the components of the multicoupler series WSDU, distribution systems with higher number of outputs can be realized. The transmission to the multicouplers can be done via one common RF cable. This saves costs for RF cables and their installation. 

Compact and Rugged Design

This device is designed in 19”, 1 U and foreseen for the integration into 19” system racks. WSCU-8X1R is supplied with mains voltage.
All RF inputs and outputs are performed as N female connectors.


WSCU-8X1R is used in receiving stations in product development, validation and evaluation for infotainment components. Especially manufacturers and integrators of modern infotainment systems need a high number of different antenna signals for the tests of their components.
WSCU-8X1R enables an effective combining of signal sources before distributing them to the devices under test (DUTs).


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Latest modification: 16.11.2021