232 Channel RF Signal Distribution System

HTOL RF test system for large lots offering up to 232 channels and a power of 125 mW delivered to each DUT (device under test). The system distributes one RF signal source to all DUTs.

The compact HTOL RF test system WSDU-1X232 delivers 125 mW to the inputs of 232 DUTs. The system supports a bandwidth from 350 MHz to 2500 MHz. An external RF signal source is required to feed the system with the desired waveform.

19", 43 U 350 ... 2500 MHz up to 125 mW RF power


Minimum output power variance

The symmetric system design of the various signal paths guarantees a minimum variation of input power delivered to the various DUTs.

Easy Maintenance

The system monitors continuously the power consumption of the power amplifiers. The system status is visible to the operator via LEDs on the front-side of the system.

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Latest modification: 01.02.2021