60 W Linear DAB Power Amplifier

AMP17024048L from Becker Nachrichtentechnik is a compact amplifier module specially designed for professional DAB broadcast radio applications.

The robust electric and mechanic design guarantees solid operations over a long time. Internal filters and low noise voltage supplies offer high suppression of spurious. To avoid damages during installation the supply is protected against reverse polarity. The amplifier module is supplied with a single DC voltage, which presence is indicated by a LED on the module as well as the module status. The RF connectors are SMA female type. AMP17024048L is designed for mounting on an external heat sink. All amplifier models of the AMP series are designed in 50 Ohm technology.

high dynamic 170 ... 240 MHz +60 dBm OIP3


Special Features

The high IP3 properties make the amplifier module suitable in professional applications where digital modulated signals or multi carrier signals must amplified without any distortion effects.
An internal self-test function monitors current consumption and module temperature. In the case of exceeding limits an open drain output is opened and the status is signalized by the LED at the module.

Tolerant to Mismatches

Using power transistors with enough head room to maximum ratings make the amplifier module robust against reverse power and therefore robust against loads at the output which are not matched. The output of the amplifier module is robust against open and short load at the output.

Rugged Design

The amplifier is housed is a milled aluminium case. This saves the circuits against mechanical damage and gives best shielding for avoiding EMI influences caused by radio signals coming from the environment.

Universal Heat Sink for AMP-L Amplifier Modules

Universal Heat Sink UHS-1 is a compact heat sink for cooling of medium and high-power amplifier modules from Becker Nachrichtentechnik. Up to two different AMP-L modules can be flexibly attached to the flat side of the heat sink. With the option of installing up to six fans, high cooling performance can be achieved. If active cooling is required for the customer application, the cooler will be delivered with pre-installed fans. The heatsink is also supplied individually prepared with captive screws depending on customer requirements. On the bottom side is has holes for mounting in housings by the customer.


Latest modification: 30.03.2023