Radio Coverage in Confined Areas


All mobile radio technologies need to achieve optimal coverage of their target area. With increasing frequency of the allocated bands and hard requirements of coverage, the challenge of radio coverage in confined areas like buildings, tunnels and mines is a recurrent and more and more frequent challenge.

Radiating cables (RC) are used for radio field covering of broadcast, BOS/TETRA and Wi-Fi signals in rail, street tunnels as well as in buildings.
For the injection of signals into radiating cables amplifiers with higher output power capabilities are used to compensate the coupling loss. The transmission of multiple analog and digital modulated carriers create high demands to linearity properties of the amplifiers. 

Redundant power supplies and amplifier stages gives the amplifiers a fail-save design. The high efficiency avoids unnecessary self-heating und increases the life time of the amplifiers.
Becker Nachrichtentechnik offers wideband amplifiers in different power classes that are suitable for analog modulated FM broadcast signals, digital modulated DAB and DVB-T broadcast signals, for digital modulated BOS/TETRA signals and for satellite navigation signals GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou).











For bi-directional WiFi applications in the frequency range 5,15 GHz … 5,925 GHz the TX/RX booster amplifier AMP51505925-TRX as driver for radiating cables is available. This booster compensates the longitudinal attenuation of the radiating cable. By chaining multiple segments with boosters a significantly longer cable run is supplied from one access point. The use of boosters simplifies dramatically the cell planning in complex applications with many access points. The booster amplifier is supplied by phantom power via radiating cable. The booster forwards the DC power from one to the other RF port via an internal BIAS-T. Therefore further booster amplifiers can be fed with power via a central power supply.

Model Min. Freq. Max. Freq. P1dB TX P1dB TX/RX Gain RX/NF  Form factor
AMP51505925-TRX 5150 MHz 5925 MHz + 28 dBm (0,8W) 20dB 3,5 dB Module


  Wi-Fi TX/RX Booster Amplifier for Radiating Cables  

White Paper AMP51505925-TRX



AMP51505925-TRX WP.pdf

Application Scheme:


 AMP51505925-TRX Application example 



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