4X4 Air Interface Emulator

The AIE-4X4R air interface emulator enables realistic emulation of RF levels for radio communication between mobile devices. It has 4 RF Ports for base stations and 4 ports for DUTs like cellular phones. Every signal at the DUT port is composed of a programmable mix of the 4 signals at the base station ports. The reproducible emulation of air interface scenarios in laboratory environment saves time and cost in product development and verification. 

500 ... 3000 MHz 100 dB attenuation range


High dynamics and setting accuracy

The adjustment range of the digital attenuator comprises 100 dB and can be adjusted in 0.5 dB steps.
With this, a maximum of dynamics and precision is acheived. All RF ports are designed for power levels up to 2 W. These interfaces are therefore robust against the RF output power of mobile phones.

Controllable via webinterface

The Air Interface Emulator AIE-4X4R can be controlled remotely via ASCII strings over USB and LAN interfaces or via webinterface. These possibilities allow an easy integration of the device into existing automation tolls or third-party software. AIE-4X4R is also available with an integrated touchscreen.


     - bandwidth 500 MHz .. 3000 MHz

     - 2G, 3G, 4G, MIMO applications

     - 95.25 dB attenuation range in 0.25 dB steps

     - input power up to +33 dBm

     - LAN and USB remote interface

     - compact form factor


 - air-interface emulation

- handover tests

- fading simulation


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Latest modification: 11.01.2018