2 Channel SP4T Switches plus 1 Channel SPDT Switch

RSWU-2SP4TS+ combines three wear-free RF switches in a single module. In addition to its two SP4T switches, RSWU-2SP4TS+ also features a SPDT switch. Combining the internal switches, a SP8T switch can be realized. This module is suitable for the frequency range 100 kHz … 8500 MHz. Due to the semiconductor technology, the switches allow wear-free and very quick switching.  The switches are non-reflective types which means that they provide a 50 Ohm match even if they are not active.

Non-reflective configurable to SP8T

Versatile Use

RSWU-2SP4TS+ contains two single pole, four throw switches and one additional single pole, dual throw switch. This enables the user (by adding two cable bridges) to use the device as a single pole, eight throw switch. The three integrated switches allow using RSWU-2SP4TS+ for different switching applications.

Synchronous Switching

The switching modules inside the system rack SR6-11C can be controlled via an internal binary interface. This way, shortest response times are guaranteed. Like many other products of Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, this module can be triggered via rack-internal TRIGGER IO port. This interface provides a precise trigger pulse which complies with the physical execution of the applied switching command. On the other hand, external pulses can be applied to this port in order to trigger the execution of queued switching commands. Therefore it is possible to link multiple racks and devices to a synchronous switching compound.

Optional Controller Unit

The optional controller unit SR6-CU allows advanced and more comfortable control of the switches. This module can be added to the system platform SR6-11C in order to enable location-independent service. The controller features LAN and USB interface for monitoring and evaluating the modules´ temperatures, operating points of the amplifiers and the identification of the modules. Via SR6-CU, the switching modules of the RSWU series can be controlled remotely using SCPI-oriented ASCII commands.

Switching Matrices

Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH offers all the components for realizing switching matrices. For this purpose, the wide range of components of the WSDU series, the RSWU series and the signal combiner unit WSCU8X1R can be combined. The scalable module system makes it possible to fulfil individual customer needs.

Compact Design

The cost-efficient module design is suited for distribution systems of larger scales. Up to eleven modules can be placed in the system rack SR6-11C. As the rack features an internal power supply, there is no need for additional cabling. The modular concept allows quick repairs in case of service. This reduces the time the system operation is interrupted and minimizes MTTR (Meantime to repair).


Using RSWU-2SP4TS+, systems like switching matrices can be realized in an easy and flexible way. In applications where multiple signal sources have to be switched to different signal paths, switching matrices are required. Such matrices are used in receiving stations, in production tests, quality assurance tests or in research and development (R&D).


Latest modification: 11.01.2018