Extremely Wideband 4X4 Switch Matrix

Modern communication standards like digital broadcast, cellular, Wi-Fi, ISM and Bluetooth permanently grow up to higher frequency ranges with larger system bandwidths. The huge amount of radio signals covered in the large frequency range effort high demands to the linearity of the multicoupler. On the other side in applications like radio monitoring low noise is very important. The RSWM-4X4E slot-in module is the right solution for modern radio monitoring systems that must cover the frequency range up to 8 GHz. The RSWM-4X4E matrix is foreseen for the integration into the SR6-11C system platform. 

non-blocking 20 ... 8000 MHz 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs



  •  wideband 
  •  high dynamic 
  •  non-blocking 


  •  radio monitoring 
  •  signal routing 
  •  research & development (R&D) 
  •  test equipment 
  •  laboratory 


Latest modification: 11.01.2018