Fully Automatic 8 Channel HTOL RF Sub System

TSQA-1X8PME is a compact, automatic HTOL RF test system with 8 channels suitable for the frequency range 300 MHz … 6000 MHz. It is designed in 50 ohms technology. The system offers up to 10 W RF output power per channel. Each channel has an ALC for precise output power stability over long periods. The sub system has an internal CW RF source as standard. It also offers 8 input channels in order to monitor the DUT output power levels. TSQA-1X8PME implements software to automate the complete testing process of e.g. electronic components like semiconductors, SAW/BAW filters and LTCC (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics) components. Due to its frequency range the HTOL system is suitable for tests with components for the 5G (FR1) standard.

300 ... 6000 MHz up to 10 W RF power 19", 3 U

Special Features

TSQA-1X8PME is available in a variant with “Medium Power Range Extension”. In this variant the output power range extends from -20 dBm (10 μW) up to +40 dBm (10 W). High and medium power sections are provide on separate RF connectors. The power consumption and efficiency are adapted to the required RF output power level in 3 power classes. Dependant on the chosen RF output power the supply voltages of the power amplifier stages is varied automatically. This minimizes heat generation and cooling needs. One or more failing DUTs should not have any influence to the other DUTs during the tests. HTOL systems must have high isolation between the RF output ports. The TSQA-1X8PME offers very high isolation of typical 85 dB between ports to avoid this effect.


Latest modification: 11.01.2018