Switching Matrices

For an optimal reception in radio monitoring systems, it must be possible to choose between different antennas. In production and product validation systems, devices under test (DUTs) must be supplied with switchable RF signal sources. Via switching matrices, receivers or DUTs can be route to any antennas or signal sources. Also that all receivers or DUTs can be switched to the same antenna or signal source (non-blocking) without drop in performance. In modern communication standards like cellular or Wi-Fi, point-to-point connections are used. For this application blocking switch matrices with a large operation bandwidth are required.         


4X4 Channel, non-blocking Switch Matrix

20 MHz … 8 GHz VHF/UHF/SHF



4X4 Channel non blocking Switch Matrix

High Dynamic 100 kHz ... 4000 MHz 2 Variants 20 MHz ... 4000 MHz



High Switching Speed Antenna Matrix

non blocking 32 outputs 1.5 MHz ... 30 MHz 16 Inputs



4X4 bidirectional Wideband Switching Matrix

100 kHz ... 8000 MHz wear-free RF switches up to 1 W RF power High isolation


Latest modification: 20.02.2020