Precise 4 Channel RF Power Source

TSQA-1X4AP is a compact multichannel RF power source, suitable for the frequency range 300 MHz…3000 MHz in 50 ohms technology. It offers 4 RF channels with up to 16 watts output power per channel. With a high level stability over time.

up to 16W RF power 19", 12 U



- qualification of active and passive RF-components
- research and development (R&D)
- quality assurance (new designs, batch verification)

Integrated RF signal source

The integrated signal source generates CW- and optional pulsed signals over the full frequency range with high frequency stability.

Flexible control interfaces

Physical remote interfaces: LAN or USB.
TSQA-1X4AP is controllable via GUI (Graphic User Interface) without any additional effort of application software development and regardless of location. Alternatively the system offers the control via ASCII strings protocols for ATE (Automatic test Equipment) applications.


Latest modification: 12.02.2021