Controller Unit

The controller module SR6-CU is an extension for the system platform SR6-11C. SR6-CU enables remote control via LAN and USB interface of compatible RF modules. Via this controller, modules can be controlled, information can be queried and automatic test procedures can be started.

LAN/USB Interface ASCII commands Webinterface


Universal Firmware

The integrated Firmware is updatable via USB storage and provides straightforward instruction sets for all compatible slot-in modules. When specific functions are needed, Becker Nachrichtentechnik is able to provide customized firmware, e.g. including a web interface.

Multiple Control Modes

The controller unit SR6-CU enables the synchronous execution of multiple commands across the whole system rack. It provides a LAN and an USB connection. These interfaces can be used to control and query the compatible modules with SCPI-oriented ASCII command. 
The system platform SR6-11C also provides a ‘Trigger IO’ interface, which allows the synchronous coupling of multiple SR6-11C system racks and other compatible devices.

Easy Handling

SR6-CU is designed as compact and robust module. It can be mounted in the system platform SR6-11C without effort. Like the other modules, SR6-CU is supplied by a rack-internal power supply. Thus, the modules can be installed without effort (“plug & play”).
The modular design furthermore allows quick replacement in case of service, resulting in a low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).

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