1.2 W Wideband Amplifier, Tabletop Device

AMP5220031-T is a linear amplifier with up to 1.2 W output power suitable for the frequency range 5 MHz … 2200 MHz.

It offers good linearity characteristics and high gain. The amplifier is designed for frequencies of the VHF/UHF band. All amplifiers of the AMP series are designed in 50 Ohms technology.

Broadcast, Satellite, GNSS 5 … 2200 MHz


Suitable for Demanding Applications

AMP5220031-T amplifies signals in the frequency range 5 MHz … 2200 MHz. It features high linearity, a low noise figure and high gain. This amplifier is especially suited for applications in the VHF/UHF range and for mobile communication purposes. An internal highpass filter located at the input of the amplifier avoids influences of signals in the low frequency range.

Designed for Practical Use

AMP5220031-T is designed as a tabletop device. The design ensures easy handling. The RF connectors are performed as N female connectors and the device is supplied by mains voltage. Thus, the amplifier can be connected without any additional equipment.

Robust at all Points

This amplifier offers excellent RF characteristics covered in compact and robust design. In addition to the solid design of the mechanics, the amplifier is also resistant against mismatches which can occur in operation with complex loads.

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