Wi-Fi TX/RX Booster Amplifier for Radiating Cables

AMP51505925-TRX is a bidirectional booster amplifier for radiation of Wi-Fi signals via radiating cables for the frequency range 5150 … 5925 MHz.

This booster compensates the longitudinal attenuation of the radiating cable. By chaining multiple segments with boosters a significantly longer cable run is supplied from one access point. The use of boosters simplifies dramatically the cell planning in complex applications with many access points like high-bay warehouses. The RF cables for mounting the booster on a wall are part of delivery.

5150 ... 5925 MHz TX Power 1 W PEP Phantom Supply wall mountable


Special Features

The booster amplifier is supplied by phantom power via radiating cable. The booster forwards the DC power from one to the other RF port via an internal BIAS-T. Therefore further booster amplifiers can be fed with power via a central power supply. LEDs for the indication of operation state simplify maintenance. 

Robust Design

The amplifier module AMP51505925-TRX is mounted in an aluminum housing. In addition to protection against mechanical damage, this offers the best shielding to suppress EMC influences from RF signals from the environment.


Kit to extend 5 GHz WiFi Coverage with Radiating Cables

The amplifier module can also be purchased in pre-configured kit for easy and effective industrial installation. In addition to the amplifier module, the kit contains a "DFU" DC feed unit, two HF cables for mounting the amplifier on the wall and a "TU" termination unit for mounting at the end of the radiating cable. The terminator blocks the phantom DC supply and terminates the last radiating segment with 50 ohms to avoid standing wave supply sags. The amplifier module is supplied with phantom power of 24 V by the "DFU".

This means that several booster amplifiers can be cascaded for optimal WLAN radio coverage.

Latest modification: 30.03.2023