4X4 Air Interface Emulator

AIE-4X4ER is an air interface emulator with 4 connectors for base stations and 4 connectors for devices under test (DUTs) for the emulation of cellular networks. The device is designed in 50 ohms technology. The large operation frequency range from 400 MHz up to 6000 MHz makes the device suitable for emulations of 2G, 3 G, 4G and 5G (FR1) cellular networks. Each signal at the DUT port is composed of a programmable mix of the 4 signals at the base station ports. The setting range of the path attenuations to the connectors of the base stations is 0 … 95.25 dB adjustable in 0.25 dB steps.
The step attenuators of the AIE-4X4ER are based on wear-free semiconductors. The device has LAN and USB remote interface. A integrated web interface allows an easy remote control without the effort of programming.

400 ... 6000 MHz step size 0.25 dB attenuation range 0 ... 95,25 dB


Synchronous Operation

Via the TRIGGER IO interface of the device preloaded delay values are taken synchronous with a fed in trigger pulse. The rapid adoption of the delay values takes place via the hardware in the microsecond range.

In master mode the device generates a trigger pulse. This allows the delay settings of other devices to be synchronized in the network. 

Compact Design

AIE-4X4ER has a 19“ design with a height of 3 U for the integration into 19“ system racks. As well AIE-4X4ER is suitable as table top device for laboratory use.


With help of AIE-4X4ER reproducible emulations of air interfaces for cellular in research, product development, product validation and production are done.


Latest modification: 11.02.2022