2 Section 4 Way Bi-directional Signal Conditioning Multicoupler

The BSDU-2X4A+ slot-in module is a cost efficient, wideband signal splitter/combiner in 50 ohms technology. The module contains three separate splitter/combiner sections with two 1X4 wideband splitter/combiner channels with attenuators in each output and additional a 2 way wideband splitter/combiner. All splitter/combiners operate in the frequency range 500 MHz to 7500 MHz and it thus covers all cellular and Wi-Fi bands. The slot-in module is foreseen for integration into SR6-11C system platform. 


  •  Breitband
  •  bidirektional
  •  3 unabhängige RF-Sektionen
  •  95,25 dB Dämpfungsbereich
  •  als 1x8-Konfiguration verwendbar


  •  zellular und drahtlose Kommunikation
  •  Bidirektionale Signalverteilung 
  •  Funkfeldnachbildung 
  •  Produktvalidierung und -qualifizierung
  •  V2X, V2V, 802.11p 
  •  5G (FR1) 
  •  MIMO 


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