8 Channel True Power RF Level Detector

RFLD-8RE is an eight channel RMS RF level detection unit with high RF power capability in 50 Ohm technology. Each channel has a detection range of typical 0 dBm up to +36 dBm (1 mW…4 W). It is suitable for the frequency range 1 MHz … 8 GHz. It is fully specified for 20 MHz … 2700 MHz. Each channel is equipped with two Detector types, a True Power RMS detector and an envelope detector. Both detectors can be queried at the same time. The envelope detection has a peak hold circuit. The peak hold circuit will be reset after each request by software. LEDs on the front- and rear panel are indicating the presence of RF signals for each channel. Their threshold levels are settable by software.

High Accuracy

The RFLD-8RE offers high measurement accuracy. A correction table for RF level via frequency is implemented in the EEPROM of the module.

Multiple Remote Interfaces

The RFLD-8RE modules are queried and controlled by the complementary SR6-CU controller. The module data can then be read out via LAN and USB remote interface with SCPI-based ASCII commands. Larger systems, like TSQA-RFLD80K and TSQA-1X80PM offer an additional web interface GUI for straightforward integration into existing systems & networks.

Robust Design

The compact module design allows combining up to 10 modules and a SR6-CU controller into one SR6-11C system platform. In power measurement applications (4 watts per channel) the fan unit FU-320 is required. Thus, up to 80 channels, each with full power capability can be realized in only 8 U.

HTOL Tests

In systems for High Temperature Operating Lifetime (HTOL) RF tests, the RFLD-8RE can measure the output levels of DUTs in an automatic process over a high amount of channels. This saves time and money during the test phase.


letzte Änderung: 11.01.2018